Rex is a supporting character of the Toy Story Franchise and the protagonist and title character of the Toy Story Toon Partysaurus Rex. He is a plastic T-Rex and is voiced by Wallace Shawn.

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Rex will return in Toy Story 4.

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Toy Story of Terror Poster 5 - Rex

In Toy Story of TERROR!, Rex is one of the toys Bonnie takes with her on her road trip. He is first seen watching the horror movie with the other toys Bonnie brings. Later when they arrive at the Sleep-Well Motel, when Mr. Potato Head disappears, He steps in spit. Later after Trixie is taken, the toys follow her down a vent. Once down he and Mr. Pricklepants are taken by Mr. Jones. He isn't seen agian after Woody, Buzz and Jessie are taken. 

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Rex recently appeared in Toy Story That Time Forgot.
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